Healing and Discovery Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Its mission is to empower students, parents, teachers and professionals of all ages by teaching them a unique mindfulness tool, The Paradox Process (TM), designed to identify, communicate, and change negative feelings and perceptions and beliefs. The organization works with individuals and groups in the private and public sector.

The Paradox Process (TM) changes the conversation that students have about  themselves and their emotions. It gives them practical tools for social and personal transformation. Students learn to manage and change their emotional experience and perceptions. They are empowered to organize their lives, execute plans, and see a positive vision to make decisions.


“It is my mission to level the playing field so that students can thrive in their studies and their future careers, without the emotional blocks that so easily discourage and stop us.”  

--Thomas M. Jones, Executive Director